Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of students who intend to seek entry to post-secondary education (mostly universities).

We offer all of the credit courses needed to gain entry into Arts, Business, Science and Social Science programs. Because teachers face students for 110 hours with little or no interruption and we have very small classes we have the time to complete, review and enrich course content. In addition, our teachers have been workshopped in Teaching/Learning Styles, Study Skills, Note Taking Skills and Exam Writing Skills. All of these are addressed within the context of course delivery.

"We believe it was City Academy’s focus on academic performance, and the combination of quality teachers, small classes, extensive art curriculum and multi-semester structure that really enabled [our daughter] to thrive and gain the self-confidence it takes to succeed at school." - Ken (parent)

We enhance our curriculum with the ability to offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses, Supplementary Calculus, SAT and ACT prep courses and small non-credit workshops in a variety of supplementary courses designed to improve student work habits.

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