We are fortunate to have on staff teachers with unique skills in art, film, photography, and music and computers. The school’s belief is that art is a reflection of our society and therefore all students should be exposed to new art experiences. Our facilities are small, but offer the same opportunities as much larger schools. We have an art room, a dark room and computers for specialized editing, both music and film.

The success of these art programs is reflected in the fact that every year we place students into the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) and the film studies programs at Concordia University, University of British Columbia and York University. Because of our unique Music and Computers course there is a growing student interest in post-secondary courses focused on the music industry. With the assistance of our talented, creative and inspiring teachers, many of our students have discovered a talent in art that they had not previously realized they possessed. And, although art may not be a career choice, they recognize that by taking art courses they will be more knowledgeable future consumers of art.

Course Offerings:

Grade 9

  • Integrated Arts (ALC1O)
  • Visual Arts (AVI1O)

Grade 10

  • Integrated Arts (ALC2O)
  • Visual Arts (AVI2O)

Grade 11

  • Visual Arts (AVI3M)
  • Photography (AWQ3M)
  • Media Arts (ASM3O)

Grade 12

  • Visual Arts (AVI4M)
  • Photography (AWQ4M)– Photography (film to digital); this course explores pinhole cameras, B&W film processing (darkroom), studio lighting, image editing & manipulation (Photoshop), and field trips to local galleries.
  • Film/Video (AWR4M)– take advantage of our up-to-date media suite and learn about the “ins” and “outs” of movie production, editing and post-production in this hands-on audio/video course
  • Fashion Design (AWI4M)
  • Building a Portfolio (AWL4M)– In this course, students develop their technical drawing abilities and creative skills, while assembling portfolios for post-secondary arts education.
  • Painting & Drawing (AWM4M)
  • Portraiture (AWT4M)
  • Music & Computers (AMM4M)
  • Art History (AWU4M)
  • Art in the City (AWG4M)– In this field trip intensive course, students explore Toronto's cultural institutions while developing their creative abilities and observational drawing and painting skills.
  • Technological Education
    • Communications Technology (TGJ4M)
    • Technological Design (TDJ4M)
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