Business/Computer Studies and Technological Education

In the pre-entry interview, the most common response from students to the question “what program do you wish to enter in university?” is “Business”. Because the business field is so varied a good pre-business program for these students requires instruction by teachers who are knowledgeable about current business practices.

The business and computer departments at City Academy are very closely linked to the math department and we have the availability of talented teachers to deliver credits in business that are closely linked to business courses taught at the university level. We also consider Computer Studies an essential part of a pre-business program.

Course Offerings:

Grade 9

  • Introduction to Business (BBI1O)
  • Exploring Technologies (TIJ1O)

Grade 10

  • Introduction to Business (BBI2O)
  • Introduction to Computer Studies (ICS2O)

Grade 11

  • Financial Accounting Fundamentals (BAF3M)
  • Introduction to Marketing (BMI3C)
  • Entrepreneurship: The Venture (BDI3C)
  • Introduction to Computer Science (ICS3U)

Grade 12

  • Financial Accounting Principles (BAT4M)
  • International Business (BBB4M)
  • Business Leadership (BOH4M)
  • Computer Science (ICS4U)
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