French/Classical Studies and International Languages

Our Language/Classical Studies department is small, but talented. We have teachers who can teach French, Spanish, Italian and German. In the past we have offered courses in Japanese and Mandarin and we were proud that, one of our students, because of the instruction she received at City Academy, entered the University of British Columbia in the faculty of Asian Studies.

Also, one of the most popular history courses in our school is Classical Civilizations.

Course Offerings:

Grade 9

  • Core French (FSF1D)
  • International Languages (LBAAD – LYXAD)

Grade 10

  • Core French (FSF2D)
  • International Languages (LBABD – LYXBD)

Grade 11

  • Core French (FSF3U)
  • International Languages (LBACU – LYXCU)

Grade 12

  • Core French (FSF4U)
  • International Languages (LBADU – LYXDU)
  • Classical Civilizations (LVV4U)– a trip back in time to the stunning worlds of ancient Greece and Rome where the foundations of the western world were laid among some of humanities greatest cultural achievements

*Requests for instruction in other languages can be accommodated.

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