The achievement of a senior mathematics credit is becoming increasingly important to all students entering university. We are proud that all of our math teachers are specialists and are knowledgeable about the content of all high school math courses, as well as math courses which will be taken at university. Because of the focused approach of the timetable, students who have had difficulty with mathematics in previous grades are surprised at how easily the concepts are learned in a small group setting with an excellent teacher.

We also provide our students the support to enter the Waterloo University math contests such as the Euclid (grade 12) and Pascal (grade 11). Our students have excelled in these contests, earning marks in the top 20 percentile.

Course Offerings:

Grade 9

  • Principles of Mathematics (MPM1D)
  • Foundations of Mathematics (MFM1P)
  • Mathematics Transfer Course 0.5 credit (MPM1H)

Grade 10

  • Principles of Mathematics (MPM2D)
  • Foundations of Mathematics (MFM2P)

Grade 11

  • Functions (MCR3U)
  • Functions & Applications (MCF3M)
  • Foundations for College Mathematics (MBF3C)
  • Mathematics for Work & Everyday Life (MEL3E)

Grade 12

  • Data Management (MDM4U)
  • Advanced Functions (MHF4U)
  • Calculus & Vectors (MCV4U)
  • Supplementary Calculus (non-credit)
  • Foundations for College Mathematics (MAP4C)
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