Many of our students wish to enter university in science programs. Our science staff represents expertise in all three science disciplines: biology, physics, chemistry, and all are passionate about their subject area. We are proud that in the science department we have teachers with Master’s degrees and PhDs, thus offering our students a wealth of experience and content expertise. In the past we have placed students into very competitive university science programs and all have reported that they felt they were exceptionally well prepared and could take their place equally beside all other students.

Course Offerings:

Grade 9

  • Science (SNC1D OR SNC1P)

Grade 10

  • Science (SNC2D or (SNC2P)

Grade 11

  • Biology (SBI3U or SBI3C)
  • Chemistry (SCH3U)
  • Physics (SPH3U)
  • Environmental Science (SVN3M)

Grade 12

  • Biology (SBI4U)
  • Chemistry (SCH4U or SCH4C)
  • Physics (SPH4U or SPH4C)
  • Earth & Space Science (SES4U)
  • Science (SNC4M)
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