Social Sciences/Canadian and World Studies/Interdisciplinary Studies

We offer all of the social science and Canadian and world studies subjects included in the Ontario curriculum. In this department our teachers, with degrees focusing on history, psychology, geography, law, politics and philosophy offer an approach that brings the everyday world into the classroom. These classes are very interactive. Parents often comment that the content of these courses are brought home to foster many interesting family discussions.

In addition to regular course offerings in this area, we have enriched our program with IDC (interdisciplinary) courses in Film Studies, History of Art and Financial Securities.

Course Offerings:

Grade 9

  • Geography of Canada (CGC1D)

Grade 10

  • Civics 0.5 credit (CHV2O)
  • Canadian History Since World War 1 (CHC2D)
  • Food & Nutrition (HFN2O)

Grade 11

  • The Individual & the Economy (CIE3M)
  • The Americas: Geographic Patterns & Issues (CGD3M)
  • Physical Geography (CGF3M)
  • American History (CHA3U)
  • World History to the 16th Century (CHW3M)
  • Understanding Canadian Law (CLU3M)– This course explores Canadian law, with a focus on legal issues that are relevant to people’s everyday lives.
  • Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology & Sociology (HSP3U)
  • World Religions (HRT3M)

Grade 12

  • Analyzing Current Economic Issues (CIA4U)– teaches the fundamentals needed for post-secondary studies in business, finance and accounting. It also explores the skills and knowledge applicable to a wide variety of academic disciplines
  • Environment & Resource Management (CGR4M)
  • Canadian and World Issues (CGW4U)– the course explores a combination of geographic, political environmental and economic concepts to assist in a better understanding of our complex world
  • Canada: History, Identity and Culture (CHI4U)
  • World History Since 1500 (CHY4U)– This course explores the political, social and cultural changes occurring during major events in world history, including the Italian Renaissance, the French Revolution, the ages of European imperialism and the Russian Revolution.
  • Canadian & International Law (CLN4U)– This course explores a range of contemporary legal issues and how they are addressed in both Canadian and international law.
  • Canadian & World Politics (CPW4U)
  • Nutrition & Health (HFA4U)
  • Families in Canada (HHS4U)
  • Human Growth & Development (HHG4M)
  • Challenge & Change in Society (HSB4U)
  • Philosophy: Questions & Theories (HZT4U)– the nature of existence, the meaning of life and the mystery of human kind – this course probes the most profound questions of life
  • Film Studies (IDC4U2)– explores the amazing technical and artistic achievements of the film world, past and present
  • Building Financial Security (IDC4U3)
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