Night School & Summer School

We are pleased to support students from other schools in our part-time night school and summer school program. Students choose City Academy to supplement their day school program to: reach ahead with credits; access more teacher-intensive instruction; recover credits or upgrade credits. Also, we are happy that many guidance counselors in large public and private schools recommend our services to students who are experiencing timetable conflicts in their home school or who need instruction in a small group setting.

Night School and Summer School Features:

  • as in our day school, our focus is to teach for future success
  • our subject specialist teachers from day school teach night school and summer school
  • within the context of curriculum delivery the skills of note taking, studying and exam writing are taught
  • students have a choice of a small class (6-10 students) or 1on1 or 2on1 instruction (on request)
  • there is continuous student intake throughout the semester for 1on1 instruction

Night School Structure

Night school classes are timetabled for two days per week, Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday, 4:30 – 7:30. Individual instruction (1on1s or 2on1s) can be accommodated whenever needed. The intake is constant.

Summer School Structure

In summer school we offer all of the courses available during the school year. We also attempt to enrich the curriculum with unique offerings. Because students are taking only one subject per day teachers can take advantage of the time by offering many support activities.

Summer School is offered in both July and August. Most classes are scheduled 8:30 – 2:00, however on request a later start is possible. Many students take advantage of our flexible timetabling to work their summer studies around camp and vacations.

June Summer School Structure

We offer the opportunity to students who qualify to earn a credit in an intensive two-week period the last two weeks of June, 8:30 – 2:00. With pre-work and post-work this offers the opportunity to earn a credit in a condensed time period. These credits are offered only as 1on1 instruction.

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