Tutoring & Standardized Test Prep

City Academy’s tutors are the same excellent subject specialists who teach credit courses at our school during the day, at night and in the summer. The strength of being tutored by one of our teachers is that they are well aware of the requirements of the Ontario curriculum and can use their vast knowledge and skills to better assist the student.

Tutoring is available for:

  • all subjects
  • all grades
  • standardized testing (ACT, SSAT and UKCAT)
  • IB and AP® course content
  • pre-test / exam preparation
  • improvement of organization, test-writing , essay-writing and research skills



(i.e. one day per week at a set time for a specific period of time)

- or -


(as needed – subject to teacher availability)

Cost (per student):

Individual Tutoring (1on1)

1 hour - $75
5-hour package - $350
10-hour package - $650
25-hour package - $1500

Dual Tutoring (2on1)

1 hour - $50
5-hour package - $225
10-hour package - $400
25-hour package - $875

* Both students must attend all sessions in order to receive the dual tutoring rate. In the event that one student is absent, the session will be billed at the individual tutoring rate (above).

Group Tutoring (3 or more students)

Group tutoring is also available. The cost of this program is dependent on the total number of students. Please call or email the school for more information.



Updated November 1, 2015

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